Yelling at the TV

One of my favourite pasttimes.

Sometimes you just need to feel superior to the lowest common denominator that the majority of primetime programming is aimed at.

  1. Pick a current affairs program of your choice.
  2. Watch for as long as you can while suspending your disbelief
    1. Hear a completely misleading statistic = disgruntled muttering
    2. Hear a moronic vox pop that has nothing to do with the point of the story = slightly raised voice
    3. Watch an entire story that contradicts the excerpt that made you watch in the first place = stand up, point and yell at the TV. WINNER

Also works for some newspapers.

Current affairs not the hot beverage of your choice?
You can repeat the procedure with a reality show:

  1. Contestant obviously on just for shameless self promotion, just wants a job in the media = too easy
  2. Contestant who takes it all way too seriously = slightly easier to ridicule
  3. Contestant who is brought in just to give the public someone to complain about….priceless

(For more reality show entertainment read Ben Elton’s Chart Throb – it will change your world).

Oh – and let me just say – anyone who appears on MasterChef saying they “want to be a chef”
– Get off TV, get a job in a kitchen.  Morons.



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