Yes, it’s time for another list. Lovely.

Things I miss about Radelaide. In no particular order.

  • Family being close by
  • Running with Liss
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Lunch with friends and family
  • Watching friends’ kids grow up
  • Shopping at Foodland Hope Valley
  • Charlesworth Nuts
  • Haighs closer than 2 hours away
  • Fruchocs
  • Knowing where everywhere is without having to resort to Google Maps
  • Sticky Beef at Ky Chow
  • Yum Cha at Ding Hao
  • Thea Vegetarian Tea Garden
  • Sushi Train
  • Dumpling King
  • Friday nights at the Central Market

So, basically it is people shopping and food. Sounds about right.
And yes, I like lists. Shut up.


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