The Great eReader Controversy

There is a pattern I follow when new technology is released.

  1. Curiosity – wow there is something new
  2. Feigned indifference – I don’t need it
  3. Resistance – Its rubbish anyway
  4. Research – maybe I’ll check it out a bit more
  5. Rationalisation – I don’t need it because..
  6. ……..wait………
  7. Acceptance – it has a purpose
  8. More Research – hmm, I wonder which model is the best for me
  9. Purchase – Yay – new toy
  10. Boredom – what else is new and shiny.

Generally there is quite a long delay between Rationalisation and Acceptance. Somewhat proportionally to the price of the item.

The pattern has been replicated with the following purchases:

  • iPod
  • Laptop
  • MP3 player
  • Gaming console
  • Smart phone
  • HDD
  • eReader

The latest acquisition is an eReader.

When first released I resisted the pull for a number of reasons:
I like the sensory experience of reading books.
Most eReaders seemed quite basic and I was leaning towards a tablet.

The jump from rationalisation to acceptance was helped by an upcoming long haul international flight.
Suddenly I needed entertainment that would last many hours with minimal power and low weight requirement.

Justification was found and accceptance reached!

The next step was somewhat more difficult.  Choosing a model.
Online reviews are always helpful and I recommend CNET – ereader review
My initial research pointed toward the Sony PRS-650 until it appeared I may have to wait for stock.

So the Kindle (previously out of the running was researched again).  With the addition of free software the initial issue (no support for ePub) was no longer an issue. Price was much better than the Sony.

Then there was the size debate – 6″ vs 9″ – definitely 6″ for portability.

Wi-fi or Wi-fi and 3G (all free of course) – wi-fi only was just fine for the country.

Decision made. Purchased on Amazon, delivered about 4 days later.  Yay.

Of course I have enjoyed loading and categorising books so much that I haven’t actually read anything on it yet.  But that was always going to happen.



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