Warm Socks and Clean Underwear

So maybe I am a little OCD or a lot of a control freak but I think 4 weeks out is ok to start planning what to take on a trip.  (I really started 8 weeks out but that would just make me sound insane).

Part of the issue is that if there is something I need to purchase I can’t just pop down to the local shops and grab it.  The 3 hour (plus shopping time) round trip takes a little planning. The internet alternative is easier, but I need to leave time for delivery.  They are my excuses and I am sticking with them.

So – 19 days away from home – about 3 days in transit given time zone changes etc.

Just how many pairs of socks and clean underwear do I need?

Many people might say – 1 for each day – 19 of each.
Some Outdoor Educators I know might say 2 per week (seriously) – so about 6 of each.

I would generally go with 2 pairs per day but I don’t think I own 38 suitable pairs of socks.
Pretty sure I do own at least 38 pairs of socks, just not suitable ones.

If we factor in the ability to actually do some washing on the ship – maybe I can cut it down a little…

Better start packing now.


One thought on “Warm Socks and Clean Underwear

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