What to do on a long flight

The countdown is officially on.

16 days until we fly out – 11 working days.

Lots to think about
– when to start packing to have enough time to repack at least 3 times but not look like some kind of freak.
– to finally decide how many pairs of socks I need
– last minute desperate shopping trip for those impulse items
– charge all my electronics
– what to do on the longs flight(s)

3 flights each way

Melb – Sydney                1hr 25 mins
Sydney – San Fran         13 hrs 16 mins
San Fran – Anchorage    4 hrs 55 mins

Vancouver – San Fran   2 hrs 16 mins
San Fran – Sydney         14 hrs 26 mins
Sydney – Melb                1 hr 40 mins

Definitely going to need some distractions, so far I have come up with:

  • Read books on Kindle
  • Annoy fellow passengers
  • Watch the dodgy inflight entertainment
  • Eat a lot
  • Massage lower legs to prevent DVT
  • Get drunk on awful free wine
  • Attempt to invade Business class
  • See how much free stuff I can get from the Flight Attendants
  • Draft more blog posts until battery runs out
  • Someone even suggested sleeping – we’ll see how that goes

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