almost here, or there…

so close now you might think that I should be so excited I would be blogging every day, which I have not been

Two schools of thought on that.

1. I am so busy getting ready that I don’t have time to blog.  We all know that I have been packed and ready to go for sometime now.

2. The level of excitement is so high that anything I have left to say has become completely incoherent.

So – obviously 2 is the correct answer.  Until now.

Yesterday Kate sent me through an updated itinerary from the Press sucking up people.

Last night was spent updating my calendar and various spreadsheets. I really am an organisational freak.
But it was just so, so good.  Ahhhhhhhh.

Did I mention – 3 more sleeps until I fly out of here?  Not counting at all.

So – all packed, seats booked, snacks ready to go, travelling clothes laid out, travel research well and truly researched, what to do for the next 4 days?

Check out duty free shopping….


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