rules of engorgement

Living in the country with very little access to mainstream takeaway food or restaurants makes me appreciate the wondrous variety of food available.

This is especially obvious when visiting the cultural metropolis that is Melbourne.

One of the basic rules of engorgement on one of my all too infrequent trips to the ‘big smoke’ is:

  1. Don’t eat food you can get at home. e.g. cafe food, pub food, bakery food

(This automatically makes it ok to eat McDonalds, KFC or Hungry Jacks as all of them are at least an hour’s drive from home.  Of course, they are generally relegated to road trip food only)


When travelling to the other side of the world the rule may have to be changed:

1. (Where possible) don’t eat food you can get in Australia e.g. McDonalds, KFC

Surely Alaska and Canada have an abundance of strange and wonderful delights that will be so much more interesting. In fact there are so many websites dedicated to these items that I had to stop looking.
Here are some:

Of course if you searching too long you end up reading 70 Blogs arguing with each other about a cafe in Anchorage that closed down 10 years ago and wasn’t actually the one that the person who ‘loved the crabcakes’ remembered anyway.


Might actually have to listen to the Naked Traveller and just make it up as we go along.

Now – don’t get me started on him….well, maybe just one – the best travel tip is ignore travel tips, so I’ll ignore this tip and follow travel tips, then I have to ignore…..aarrrggghhhh


Still can’t wait for reindeer and bison and sourdough pancakes and Alaskan breakfast, and maybe some poutine, just once.





3 thoughts on “rules of engorgement

  1. I had Alaskan Halibut fish and chips in Hawaii – best fis and chips I’ve ever had – if you can try that out in Alaska I thoroughly recommend it.

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