we’re in alaska

we’re not normally in Alaska, we are usually somewhere else.

It’s weird here. Everyone speaks with American accents.


But it’s all about the journey.

Melbourne to Sydney was great – plane was almost empty.

Sydney to San Francisco was packed to the rafters – good seat at the back. Recommend 58J on a 747.

Films were surprising (they weren’t the ones listed in the magazine).
Fung Fu Panda 2 – pretty much as expected
Thor – seen it before, still watchable.
Midnight in Paris – Woody Allen film with Owen Wilson playing the character normally played by Woody Allen – surprisingly good.

At this point I decided to start typing up my notes for this post.  Which is when I discovered the battery was flat.  Didn’t charge it up before I left.  The only thing I didn’t organise – oh, and insect repellent.

Random turkey roll in the middle of the night – very strange.

Bad reality TV – Gold Rush Alaska.

Arthur remake with Russell Brand, either quite good or the sleep deprivation kicked in then.

About 12.35am Melbourne time there was an amazing orange sunrise over the clouds. Just gorgeous.

3 hours to San Francisco – minus 49 degrees outside

No sleep so far.

Arrive San Fran, wander around the airport for a while, customs, transfer bags, flight to Anchorage.

After the 14 hour flight to San Fran the 4 hour flight to Anchorage should be easy (half empty – row to myself), but it drags on and on.

3 1/2 hours over the most beautiful ocean and clouds, did get a bit boring after a while.

Couple of quick cat naps and then the most amazing scenery I have ever seen. Snow covered mountains, ice flowing down into the ocean, mountains bigger than any I have seen. Completely mesmerised.

Anything else now is a bonus. I would come back for that view again.



7 thoughts on “we’re in alaska

  1. Arthur was also on my Flight to Hawaii – it wasn’t that bad but I was also sleep deprived by the time I watched so maybe it was….

    I went to the 50th state to avoid the cold weather; why may I ask did you choose to go to the 49th?
    I’d be interested ot know if Alaska is as different from mianland America as Hawii is.
    Oh and enjoy the 8:1 male to female ratio while you’re there. Those aren’t longing looks they just forgot what a woman looks like and think you must be a TV show.

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