A second pre-prepared blog as I have wireless access for the moment…

Do not give a drunk person responsibility for the credit card.

First night at the lodge, table of South African, Brazilian, American and Australian journalists (and one IT professional).

Cocktail party before – one vodka lime and soda, one mojito.

Meal was pretty amazing, definitely developing a taste for halibut.
Snickers pie is also a wonderful invention.

Everyone was pretty merry and the company hostess told us all a story about another tour where she bought a round of shots for the group. 
Apparently the drink of choice in Alaska is a duck-fart.

So – pretty quickly it became a great idea to buy a round of duck farts for the table.
Did you know  – Alaska shots come in a half full highball glass.

Not really sure how I am managing to type this.

Duck fart:
1 shot baileys
1 shot kahlua
1 shot alaskan bourbon
Oh, and it’s definitely back to the gym tomorrow.



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