What I did on my holidays – day 1

What I did on my holidays – Tour day 1 – Monday 29th August

Monday morning

Up early, breakfast in the hotel dining room surrounded by lots of old people and a few slightly familiar faces. A lovely Canadian couple on our tour introduced themselves.

After a delicious room service dinner at 11.00pm last night decided to go with a lighter breakfast – granola and yoghurt with banana slices.

Meet the rest of the tour group at 8am. On the bus for a scenic drive to the next accomodation – Kenai Princess Lodge.
Stopped for a couple of photo opportunities along the Kenai peninsula. Saw some glaciers and glacial lakes.
Highlight of the morning was the Alaska Wildlife Conservation centre.
Met 3 adult brown bears, 2 cubs, a couple of black bears, lots of caribou, reindeer, 2 lynx, a bold eagle amputee, and some wood bison (one of the few animals to be removed from the extinction list after a herd were found in a remote location).

After visiting the animals we were driven to the Kenai Princess lodge.
Had lunch on the deck  (best view ever) – the bison chilli is highly recommended.

After lunch most of the group went on a Scenic river float.
4 hours of relaxation on the Kenai river with the wonderful fishing, snowboarding, rafting tour guide Cliff.
We saw:
* Bald Eagles
* Albino River Eagles (seagulls) 
* Black bear
* Hundreds of Sock Eye Salmon
* 3 topless fishermen
* many fully clothed fishermen
* a brown bear and her two cubs

After the float we had a cookie and drove back to the lodge for a quick relax before cocktails and dinner.


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