the wheels on the bus

Journey from Kenai to Talkeetna and McKinley Princess Lodge.

Riding in the bus (coach) is almost hypnotic. The quiet hum of the engines with the amazing scenery zipping by. Heaters are cranked up and a grey-haired John Cusack lookalike is sharing interesting Alaskan facts over the PA system.

No matter how amazing the scenery is or how interesting the facts are it is almost impossible to stay awake.

Our small tour group consists of 16 press-related tourists, 2 guides and a driver.  There is more than enough room for 2 seats each. Most people are spread out and napping. I am trying my hardest not to.

Really looking forward to seeing Mt McKinley (Denali) – the highest mountain in North America. Weather is not great so hoping that the scenic flight and glacier viewing this afternoon is still on.

Driving through Anchorage, Palmer, Wasilla (former home of Sarah Palin).

Anchorage is an interesting city, all wooden houses, quite industrial looking. Wasilla is a huge sprawling suburb, the most fast food outlets I have seen in one place.

The houses are strange to me – there seems to be no delineation betwen properties. Few fences, no gardens to speak of. It is difficult to grow anything in permafrost soil.

Lots of RV (trailer) parks.

Stopped at the headquarters of the Iditarod.
Fantastic video on some recent iditarod winners – hilarious characters.

Drove through the fireworks district.


There is a stark contrast between the untamed wilderness and almost industrial look of the small towns.


Alaska laughs at your plans.

Plan A:
Scenic flight over Denali with a glacier landing.
Cancelled due to weather.

Plan B:
Jet boat to lodge.
Rerouted due to low water.

Plan C:
Jet boat trip back to Talkeetna and 6.30 shuttle to McKinley.
Back late – luckily the shuttle was nice enough to wait for us, thank you Princess.

Another fantastic and too large dinner at the lodge. LOVE LOVE LOVE Alaskan seafood.

Craving exercise and healthy food.





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