whale watching

Tuesday 30th August

Kenai Fjords cruise out of Seward.

1 hour drive to Seward, through some beautiful country and vaguely disturbing towns.

6 hours on a boat with our tour group and about 100 strangers.

Pulled out of the harbour to see a Bald Eagle and a Sea Otter having a bath in the water.

Next up was a humpback whale.  Whales are not easy to watch.

6 hours of the boat trip with 2 whale sightings and a lot of not much in between brought out some very interesting conversations.

Coffee cup quote “Happiness comes when your work and your words are of benefit to yourself and others.

Our table was made up of the usual crew – Brazil, South Africa, US/Bahrain/Abu Dhabi/Germany, Australia x2.
The conversation was definitely entertaining. Between the pub quiz, hangman and the lady porn we had a very enlightening day (SSNBP, Starfish and Backwards Cowgirl.)
In between the discussions we saw:
Harbour Seals
Sea lions
Humpback whales
Bald Eagles
lots of Seagulls and other sea birds

The best part of the trip was the glacier.  An enormous wall of ice that was breaking up into the water. Ice everywhere. And about half a dozen sea kayakers getting right to it.

The scenery as we were floating past consisted of cliffs, amazing rock formations, mountains, green trees and lots of clouds. Very Forks, kept expecting a gang of teenage werewolves to jump off the cliffs.

The people watching was probably more interesting than the whale watching – photos will follow at some point.


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