end of the earth (land section)


Returned to the lodge for lunch – had pizza with the most cheese I have ever seen.

The afternoon excursion was another highlight – whitewater rafting on the river than runs next to the lodge.
5 of us on the raft – class 3 and 4 rapids. Gorgeous scenery.  Some really good rapids and a lot of calmer water. We all ‘rode the bull’ – sat on the outside of the raft with feet over the edge holding onto a rope.
3 of the crazier people jumped into the slightly above freezing water.

We returned to the lodge, the 3 swimmers ran for the showers.
We had cocktails in the lobby with amazing appetizers.
Finally had some reindeer.
Over the week one of the most popular dinners has been the crab legs – 2 different types of crab. Then we ordered one of every dessert for the table to share.
Dinner drink was a Blueberry Mojito (a slight change from my regular Mojito)

I so need to get to a gym.

After dinner we all headed across the road to the ‘Salmon Bake’ the home of the Duck fart.
No prizes for guessing the first round of drinks.
Second round was a bizarre blue magarita.
Lots of beer, lots of crazy dancing and a good band.

Arrived back at the room around 1.30am. A few people staggered in around 3.
Up at 5.45 to pack for the early morning train pick up.

Went to the buffet breakfast – no hash browns or baked beans. What the hell?

One of our number did not set an alarm after the late night – we were all on the bus waiting to head to the railway station and noticed she had not surfaced.

The tour director went to rouse her and she did the walk of shame onto the bus.
The entire train was waiting for us at the station, lots of dirty looks as we walked in.

Next stop – cruise ship.


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