best laid plans and all that…

After another late night up at 6 to leave for bears, whales and glaciers at 7.30am

Arrive at the tour gate and the tour organiser advises that the boat cannot get to the bears so the tour has been changed. Offered a price reduction or full refund.

The bears were the main draw card so we took the refund.

Signed up for a bear flight and tour instead.

Sitting by the tour desk 15 minutes before the tour is set to go and find out the tour went without us.


Chat to the tour desk and sign up for the Taku Glacier lodge tour.

Float planes – scenic flight out to Taku Glacier lodge for a bit of history and a salmon bake.

Since we had time to kill in the morning we actually had breakfast – not in the mood for salmon, but that’s the tour.

Lots of fantastic components to the tour. The float planes were a method of transportation we hadn’t tried. The scenery was amazing and there was a glacier directly across the river from the lodge.

The caretakers had 5 beautiful labradors (2 gold, 3 black).

The lunch was delicious – salmon was fantastic, baked beans were even better.

Short walk to a waterfall and a black came into camp to eat the drippings from the barbeque.

Amazing components, yet somehow the whole tour left us disappointed.

Back in time for Zumba in the Universe lounge with Ana, Robin, Guy, Carly and Gabby. Followed by a session in the gym.

Returned to the cabin to find even more food.



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