not just another glacier

Arrived in Skagway early Tuesday morning.

Today’s excursion was a Helicopter flight to land on a glacier.
Met another Australian working for the helicopter company.
(We have met at least 3 working on the ship)

So different from the plane landing on a glacier it was definitely worth doing both.

The plane landing flew over Denali and landed on a huge runway like patch of glacier covered in snow. Almost like being on a ski field.

The helicopter landed on the lower end of a glacier.
No snow, just ice with lots of rocks and debri on it.
Amazing stuff. The weather wasn’t great but that didn’t detract from the scenery.

We saw lots of holes and streams in the glacier, looked down into them and took lots of photos. About 40 minutes wandering around the glacier with our guide.

Flew back to the dock and walked into Skagway. Pretty cool ex-gold rush town.
Lots of Olde Time historical tours and building.

The Red Onion.

LOTS OF SHOPPING – end of tourist season bargains.


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