what happens on the ship…

Another formal night – more cocktails.

Dinner in the Bordeaux dining room with our favourite waiter Vaughn and our unparalleled Sommelier Andre.

Way to much amazing food and wine once again.

We decided to head to the dance floor and (after a few false starts) had a great time running back and forth to the rocking of the ship.

After they closed to bar and kicked us out we were still pumped. Unfortunately Deck 10 was off the agenda due to too many extraneous hangers on.

We hit the mini bar and champagne in Robin and Ana’s room.

<This section edited for public consumption>
…………champagne………..balcony……….fruit………..snacks…….ninja style hallway moves…..sanctuary..sanctuary…

Finally returned to the room around 4am – so sorry to the neighbours.

Up for sea kayaking at 10.50.


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