Friday Friday Friday

Last day on the ship – scenic cruising all day.

Had a nice sleep in, catching up on some of the missed sleep over the last fortnight.

Up around 10.30am and straight to the gym. Still tired but eventually worked up some energy to hit the treadmill.

Pretty rough on the ship, feeling a little green.

Headed to the ‘Pub’ for lunch – fish and chips.
Listened to lots of Americans asking for a translation of Bangers and Mash.

Quiet afternoon in the hot tub watching a George Michael concert on the big screen. Fog surrounded the ship all day – very eerie.
Daydreaming heading into some kind of timewarp or parallel dimension where we were the only people left on the earth.
A handful of journos with a ship full of retirement age people would make an interesting new world…

Drink of the day is Pimms and Ginger Ale. Thanks Robin.

Later, caught up with Robin and Ana to organise a present for Guy our wonderful tour director. Have to get a copy of that photo!

After a last minute dash to the photo lab for a USB stick Robin and Kate finished up the present and headed to the Wheelchair, sorry Wheelhouse for cocktails.

I believe there was a shot of very nice tequila involved, but I could be wrong..

One last shot for all

Before dinner we all headed out onto the deck for a final group photo (which I don’t currently have a copy of!)

Last dinner at the Bordeaux with the lovely Vaughn (our waiter) and Andre (our sommelier).


Super Waiter

Andre the Sommelier


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