the day after the night before

Not much sleep, but managed to rise and shine early enough for a very rainy day in Ketchikan.

Made it to the Tatoosh Islands sea kayaking excursion with time to spare, much smoother than Juneau. Although we were a little apprehensive about the average age of the rest of the participants.

A slow bus ride to the kayaking centre followed by a fast boat ride to the island to meet our Guide, Matt.

Once we made it through the many organisational and safety briefings we were finally on the water. The weather wasn’t great but the scenery was amazing and being out on the water again was excellent.

Can definitely recommend sea kayaking in the rain as a hangover cure.

Matt, our guide was a lot of fun. When he saw that we were much more energetic (and faster) than the rest of the crews he suggested we do some circle work around the other paddlers.

Then he decided it would be more enjoyable (for him) to hang out with the ‘cute Australian girls’ than the older paddlers in the group.

We had a fun morning on the water and an insane boat ride back to the kayaking base (the weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed….)

Back to the big ship to clean up and get ready for the Captain’s cocktail party…


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