Robin and Ana’s tour of Vancouver

First of all – all credit to Robin and Ana for today’s personalised tour.

The morning started with a 9am pick up from our hotel.

Our first stop was Capilano Suspension bridge outside of Vancouver.
Very beautiful place with amazing scenery.

After checking out the bridge and the new cliff walk, our chauffeur and tour guide Robin  gave us a quick guided tour around the city before heading to Joe’s Grill for breakfast.
Unfortunately the Sunday morning brunch crowd had beaten us to it so we moved to the next available option – Hamburger Mary’s.

Enormous breakfast plates all round, but delicious. Learnt how not to tip.

After breakfast we went for the quintessential Vancouver experience. Rented bikes from Spokes and pedalled down to Stanley Park and around the seawall to the Vancouver Aquarium.

A very speedy highlight tour of the aquarium took in the beluga whales, the sea otter and the amazing jellies.


After a quick stop at the gift shop (of course) it was more cycling and Ice Cream at marble slab. Australians who frequent Cold Rock would feel quite at home here. I can recommend the Peanut Butter ice cream (with snickers).

After some amazing photo opportunities (I will upload more photos soon, I promise) we returned the bikes and jumped back in the car for more sight seeing.

Robin took us to some beautiful beaches and gorgeous suburbs with a great commentary on property prices and current demographics.  None of which I can remember right now.

Then we headed over to Granville Island.
Before anything else we decided to jump on the Aquabus ferry for a quick trip on the water. Saw some amazing houseboats (see below

Came back and looked around the amazing produce markets.

Somehow we (Robin) decided that we were all in need of a beer.
It was a beer sort of afternoon, so straight into the Granville Island Brewery for a tasting plate. I can recommend the Hefeweizen.

We also grabbed a six pack of the Raspberry Ale for later.

More scenic touring – this really is a beautiful city then off to a friend’s place before dinner.

Dinner – Tanpopo sushi – all you can eat sushi for $23.95.
Seriously. The wild salmon sashimi is AMAZING.

Now, with an extremely full stomach I am signing off for the night.

More adventures to follow.


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