A cultural tour of Vancouver

After a decadent sleep in we headed out to Gastown.

First stop Smart mouth for breakfast.

Tried to be healthy with the yoghurt/fruit/granola (ignore all the added sugar) and a large soy chai. All the chai we have tried so far seems a little on the watery side. Still tasty though.

Following breakfast we wandered around Gastown, enjoying the Parisian vibe and dodgy souvenir shops.

Somehow we ended up in an Army Navy store looking for bargain t-shirts. So much easier than trying to find a laundromat.
(Similar operation in Sears for clean underwear a few days ago).

Once the bargain hunting was complete we attempted our major Vancouver mission. Finding Sorel inserts for a pair of Caribous.
Unfortunately the downtown stores did not stock them – they did stock some very nice Merrell hiking shoes and Sorel rainboots but I was strong!

We declared the mission a failure so hit La Senza to feel better.
It worked.

Lunch called and Gorilla Food cafe answered – Raw Vegan Food.
Surprisingly? tasty. Wouldn’t want it for every meal but definitely worth a go.

After lunch, armed with a free tourist pass we decided to head to the Art Gallery. Unfortunately today’s exhibitions were Surrealism on the ground floor and Ken Lum on the first floor.

Not really our cup of tea, although I did enjoy the gift shop.
Yes, yes, don’t I always?

Some general wandering, a quick look around Yaletown, another chai (not the best to date) and back to the hotel to regroup.

Did I mention the hotel is gorgeous? Our room is stunning – I have lived in apartments smaller than this hotel room.

Sorry, slight digression there.

A lengthy discussion and internet search later we decide on where to eat.

The Mexican on Granville was the winner.

Walked across, found a nice clean restaurant full of people speaking spanish. Recognised a few items on the menu, but there were also some unusual things.  The meal was really nice and inexpensive.  While I realise that Vancouver is a long way from Mexico it is definitely the closest I have ever been to it!

Nice walk home through town and a quiet night in.

Looking forward to the Grouse Grind tomorrow.


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