Bizarre thoughts of a life in transit – SFO – SYD

I discovered travel rather late in life.

Camping, road trips and exploring parts of SA, VIC, NSW and even QLD have been going on for years, but this is my first proper travel experience.

It means fighting with my rather lazy tendencty to enjoy sitting on my butt at home being comfortable. Of course I also get bored really easily.

Back on the plane from San Francisco to Sydney – this is going to be a long one.

Hmm – had a cut a long philosophical and slightly maudlin paragraph from my notes, think that might be where the sleep deprivation kicked in. Might save that for my pretentious teenage poetry blog.

The bible reader moved onto Chronicles. Haven’t even heard of that one. Maybe it is time for ‘The Bible for Dummies’ I am sure it’s out there.

Beautiful clouds over San Francisco. Orange lights everywhere topped by wispy low clouds. And I am completely incapable of taking a photo or coming up with a literary worthy description of the scene.

Passing over a really long bridge but can only see the lights on the road, not the structure of the bridge. Too foggy to see the bridge on the way over and too dark on the way home! Will definitely have to come back again.

Beautiful view of moonlight on the water and at least 6 baseball fields lit up. Glad to see the sports in San Fran are well chosen.

Don’t Get Me Wrong – The Pretenders just came on the airline radio. Nice.

Love noise cancelling headphones. Can hear the music and nothing else.

Flight is definitely not full. Scored my favourite seat up the back with noone next to me – two seats to myself. Of course the guy in the centre row has 4 seats to himself. That might have been better.

Any ill-advised secret fantasties of becoming a writer have been destroyed. Not just due to the abundance of talent I spent the last fortnight with, but also due to Douglas Adams’ legacy.

I have adored his science fiction writing since I was a teenager but ‘Last Chance to See’ is such a brilliant non-fiction effort that I should stop writing this blog right now!

Pause – Bizarre Love Triangle on the airline radio. Loving it.

Movie, sleep, TV, sleep, movie, sleep – repeat for 14 hours.

Back to reality – over Sydney. Australian trees and swimming pools. Ovals and cricket pitches. There is a lot less drama in the Australian landscape. The mountains are smaller and less jagged.

It also seems that most of the rooves in Sydney are orange. Weird.


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