Bizarre thoughts of a life in transit – YVR – SFO

A lot of these notes were written while in transit and sleep deprived. Might also have been some insane sugar rushes in there. I have tried to keep out the more insane passages:

First flight – Vancouver to San Francisco.
Last chance to spend those pesky CA and US dollars.

Decided it was time to get the kindle out again.
Unfortunately had to kill time until the ‘electronic devices’ are able to be used in flight. Back to the questionable airline magazine.
Slightly excited as I stumbled across a piece on somewhere I had actually been!! Capilano Suspension Bridge and the new Cliffwalk.
(Don’t get too excited about the “Power of Water” exhibit)

Needless to say the Kindle was turned on as soon as possible.
Douglas AdamsLast Chance to See.

Love second chance books. Books I tried to read once, usually long ago which just I just couldn’t get through at the time. From memory I borrowed the book from a guy in high school.

Really enjoying this one – partly because I have been watching the new TV version with Stephen Fry and partly because I am appreciating his pseudo travel writing. Just love Douglas Adams’ writing style generally.
Still so devastated that there are no more stories.

Reading over the shoulder of man in the seat in front of me – he appears to be reading the bible – Ecclesiastes – might have to check out what is so interesting in that chapter.

Hmm, maybe I will stick with Douglas Adams for the moment.

Full moon over the wing of the plane. Feels like a life changing kind of night. Feels like tonight is going be a good night, tonight is going be a good good night.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

Decided to leave things up to the moon and leave myself open to the universe. Then we landed in San Francisco, off one plane, try to spend more US $ and back on another plane.

Wonder if the universe waits in transit lounges?

Happy to think that many of my travelling companions are safe at home with their families back in their real lives. Possibly in the cities that I am flying over at the moment.


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