The Grind

Last day in Vancouver.

Checked out of the hotel and headed out into the world (well, at least until our wonderful Canadians picked us up).

Had another soy chai at Blenz.  Canadians seem to water their chai down too much for my taste.

The miraculous Robin and Ana picked us up and we headed straight for Grouse Mountain for the Grind. Anyone who still doesn’t know what it is:

I put my head down and powered up the mountain in around 57 minutes. Nearly stacked it a couple of times stopping for photos and ended up soaking wet from sweat and clouds. Felt great though.

Kept thinking how easy it would be for someone with long legs.

Met a fresh faced Ana at the top and hit the gift shop.
Headed to the Havana for lunch (great vegie burger and yam fries) before grabbing a quick shower and some caramel apple at Robin and Ana’s.

Then it was back to an airport, albeit a new one – Vancouver this time.

Try to find something to spend the last of the Canadian $$ on.


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