Coming down

When does a holiday end?

When you land at the airport?

When you check out of your last hotel?

When you finally make it home again?

Or is it when you finish unpacking, download the last of the photos and wash all the dirty clothes?

Maybe it is the morning you go back to work. Of course then you have an hour or two of telling stories about your holiday to work mates.

Maybe it is the moment you stop thinking about the great times you had and are back in reality.

Either way I am going to drag this out as long as I can.

How many more posts can I put up about a trip that is finished?

Soon it will be time to either close down Princess Alyeska or come up with a new subject to discuss.
This could be a difficult decision. Should I go for:
* Planning my next trip?
* My life (that could get old fast)
* General musings (that could get old even faster)
* Lists, reviews, things I want…

This may take some more thought.

Any ideas please help!

– for now I still have a couple of post trip entries to make.


3 thoughts on “Coming down

  1. I recall from my days studying Recreation that “Coming Down” is part of the recognised 5 phases of the recreational experience (yes, I have a Degree in Recreation!). See:

    I also remember that the Recollection/Reflection phase this can be the longest phase, continued for well after the trip itself, and leads into the planning of the next trip.

    So, YES, we want more ramblings!!

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