Ok, been back home for a few days now and starting on my second day at work.

While it is extremely tempting to pack it all in and head out into the world again I feel I need to sit back for a moment and remember that there are some good things at home too.

So rather than thinking about what we don’t have:
* Glaciers
* Bears (brown black or polar)
* Moose Reindeer, Caribou
* Bald Eagles (apart from the poster in the other building)
* Squirrels
* Cheese or Peanut Butter with everything (although I can work on that)
* A coffee shop on every corner

I need to remember what we do:

* Walking to work every morning through gorgeous scenery

* Bringing Kira the Kelpie to work with me to hang out with the other work puppies.

* Seeing kangaroos, cockatoos, plovers, magpies, butterflies and swallows on the work driveway

* Feeding parrots on my balcony

* Running at night without being nervous

* Seeing forests, lakes, mountains and snow from my town (at the right time of year)

* Spending time with good friends

* Sharing my life with a very patient and tolerant man

* When I need a hit of civilization, the big city is only 2 hours away

* Internet shopping

* Mail order chai

* Running my laptop during a power outage watching Armstrong and Miller (thanks Kate)

Of course, having a 2 hour power outage means my laptop battery is about to die.
I will resume being thankful in the dark, possibly after lunch.


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