Eildon Tourism

As I have spent the last couple of months spruiking the many virtues of the Northern hemisphere I feel I should take a look closer to home.

Let’s take a closer look at Eildon.

Lake Eildon – boating, fishing, kayaking.
Stretches all the way from Bonnie Doon (you need to watch The Castle) to Eildon.

The Lake

Pondage – fishing
A beautiful body of water sitting between Lake Eildon and the Goulburn river.
Lovely running/walking/bike track runs the 4km loop around the Pondage.


 Goulburn River – rafting, kayaking, fishing

Nothing really to speak of in Eildon itself, but quite a few nice places in the surrounding towns.
We try to eat at the following places as much as possible:

Butters Cafe – Buxton (30 mins)
– Wonderful fresh local produce prepared with care and attention by the wonderful hostesses.
– 1 or 2 specials per night or the pre-prepared fridge options – always something tasty

Ruffy General Store – Ruffy (45 mins)
– A haven in the middle of nowhere. Book ahead.
– Treat yourself to the local produce platter for 2 and take your time.

Marmalades – Yea (40 mins)
– A nice, friendly, cosy cafe in the main street of Yea.
– Try the chai.

Peppercorns – Yea (40 mins)
– Slightly more upmarket option.
– Fantastic food at a reasonable price for what you receive.
– Lovely atmosphere and wonderful service.

Bodhi Tree Cafe – Healesville (60 mins)
– Excellent pizza
– nice eclectic (hippy) setting

Innocent Bystander at Giant Steps – Healesville (60 mins)
– great tapas style menu
– gourmet pizza, amazing bread, moscato sorbet

Wildife – kangaroos, wombats, cockatoos, parrots
Scenery – mountains, trees, Lake, river
Serenity – small town (excluding weekends and school holidays when it is overrun)


None to speak of.
A few nice places in Healesville between the many cafes.
In the end Melbourne is not that far away.

A beautiful area and well worth a visit.


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