Top 10

Sorry, couldn’t resist – you all know how much I love a good list.
You have probably heard most of these before in some form, but it has been a while now and I feel like revisiting….

So – top 10 experiences from my recent trip.

1. Excursions
You haven’t lived until you have flown over Denali (Mt Mckinley) and landed on a glacier.
Sea kayaking is great for hangovers. Definitely a good idea to stay active on holiday.

2. The food (and wine)
The chef’s table was an absolutely decadent experience.
So much amazing food and wine in one sitting.
I am still full from that evening.
Not to belittle the food and drinks at the lodges (the Mojitos were definitely better on land).
Halibut, Halibut, Halibut, crab, reindeer, bison.  All amazing. Oh, and Yam fries.
Try Gorilla Food in Vancouver.

3. VIP treatmet
I don’t think I have ever (or ever will again) been treated so well.
From the United check in desk at Melbourne airport to the Princess representative at Anchorage airport I was happy with good customer service. From the minute we boarded the bus in Anchorage with Melissa to the minute we left the ship in Vancouver I was astounded by the exceptional personal service we received.

4.  People
A smallish group together for 2 weeks makes for some entertaining times and good friends.
Dancing the night away, singing (sort of badly) and even the occasional Zumba class. Nothing better.

5. Scenery
Australia has some beautiful landscape but we don’t have:
Snowcapped mountains on every doorstep
Amazing autumn colours erupting as we travel north
Bears and Eagles and squirells

6. Planes, trains and automobiles
So many modes of transportation in one trip.
Big planes (747) to top of the line coach (bus).
From a light plane to a glass topped train.
From a sit on top kayak to a jet boat.
From an enormous ship to a 7 person helicopter.
From a float plane to a sea kayak.
We may have even walked a little.

7. Cocktails in a hot tub watching George Michael
Completely fogged in, the world could have ended and we were sipping Pimms and Ginger Ale.
How can you top an experience like that?

8.  Deck 10
There was something so peaceful about standing in the open air in the early morning when the rest of the world was asleep.

9. Planning
Yes, obviously I enjoyed planning almost as much as I enjoyed the trip itself.
Oh, and reporting my travels as well!

10.  Arriving home
Always bittersweet, but also always feel great after a long trip.
Now, time to start planning the next one!

 (Checking out the Princess Sale!)



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