Losing Michael Stipe’s religion

Flicking channels tonight (no Glee Project or Britian’s Next Top model to fall back on).

Ended up on Rage and a tribute to the newly defunct R.E.M.

Losing My Religion film clip playing. Michael Stipe is a very disturbing dancer.
He may have studied at the Peter Garrett school of dance. Flail arms wildly and under no circumstances move your legs.

I am very much a lyrics person. The words will move me in many songs whether I care for the music or not.
Somehow REM is a major exception to this rule (apart from Everybody Hurts – that one definitely makes my lyrics archive)

Everybody Hurts is a song that the words are as emotive and evocative as the music itself.

Losing My Religion is not. The lyrics are well written but a little too detached to hit home.
It does however always move me.  Unfortunately I think this is because it was the song played on 90210 when Dylan and Brenda broke up.

Oh, and make sure you see the Late Show’s version of the Everybody Hurts filmclip.



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