Dance Floor etiquette

I write this knowing full well that it is going to make me sound old. Really old.

Although I guess if I wasn’t then I wouldn’t feel the need to write it either.

So – last night I went against tradition and went out to see a band.
The Vaudeville Smash at the Corner Hotel.

Excellent band – fun music “Yacht Rock” – sounds a little like Foreigner doing disco with their tongue firmly in their collective cheek.

The Vaudeville Smash has quite a loyal fan base from a range of demographics.
We were definitely not the oldest couple there, nor were we the youngest.

The music was great and a lot of fun.

This brings me to today’s topic – dance floor etiquette.

Everyone requires their own level of personal space to feel comfortable.
Obviously this level depends on the situation and who is the space invader.

In a dimly lit room full of strangers the available personal space tends to be a lot less than the space needed for comfort. (Alcohol helps).

I’ve always had a few guidelines to make these situations more acceptable for all concerned.

The Bag dance
Wherever possible take a small bag (or none at all) if you are going to dance.
Alternatively, have a wall flower friend hold the bag or check it into the coat check.
When dancing, a large bag can continually hit the person behind/beside you and you may not even be aware until they give you an almighty shove.

The Hair flick
Similar to the bag issue. If you have long hair that you like to flick you may not notice it hitting the person behind you in the face, over and over again.
Try to be aware of your surroundings, and perhaps, tie your hair up if you are dancing wildly.
Better than having a drink poured over your head.

Dance space
I love to dance, where possible, like a complete idiot. Nothing better than throwing the legs and arms around wildly. (Nothing better than a half empty dance floor with half a dozen close friends all being morons!)
Unfortunately, the more people on the dance floor, the more care must be taken to stay within your dance space. A dance space that is a lot smaller than most people may require.
Dancing like an idiot while not realised that you are stepping on toes (literally), elbowing chests, or in the worst case, headbutting backwards can lead to some awkward situations.

The Push past
When I was young (so many years ago) – the push past had a very set procedure.
Squeeze past gently, big smile, very apologetic, ‘sorry, excuse me’ etc.
There is no excuse for pushing past without a word. Come on people.

Having said all this, the band was fantastic and everyone had a great night.
Now I am going to get my blanket, a cup of tea and sit on the couch watching Murder She Wrote until I doze off.

I’ll leave you with a few words from the final song of the evening:

Come inside…everything’s going to be fine
Take off your coat…everything’s going to be fine
Lose the shoes…everything’s going to be fine
You’re f*%$ing beautiful…you blow my mind


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