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I know my boss reads this so I am going to start with a special message to her:
– Don’t worry – I am not going anywhere – this is just thinking aloud.

Oh – and I am also not writing this blog during work hours.
Maybe just a little on my lunch break. Really.

So, anyway….

When I was a kid there was a lot of ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’
My answer usually depended on which TV show I was watching at the time.

Sometimes it was:
a lawyer (LA Lawany of them)
a private detective (Remington SteeleLaura Holt)
a secret agent (Get Smart99)
a strangely androgynous chinese priest on a horse (Monkey MagicTripitaka)
a companion to the Doctor (Doctor WhoSarah Jane Smith)

Actually I still want to be the last one.
Although now I would be Rose Tyler, or Donna Noble or possibly the Doctor.

Digressing again.

Eventually I decided I wanted to be a sports psychologist (played a lot of sport and liked to know what made people do what they did).

I made pretty good grades in school and sailed through Year 12 to be accepted into (thankfully) my third preference. A degree in Psychology and Philosophy followed.

That’s when it all started getting a little off track.  By the time I finished my degree I was over studying.
Honours and another year for registration put me off the whole Psychologist thing.

Getting a job and making some money seemed like a good idea.
So I got one and I made some and all was well.

After a year or so in Customer Service/Support I found my niche in IT and have worked in various areas of the industry over the last 13 years.

Every so often I lose interest and try something different.
Communications – 12 months
Community Services – 9 months
Catering – 9 months

So – if we call IT Computers (which most people do) I only work in ‘C’ jobs.

What else can I come up with to try next?
(I can’t believe I googled careers starting with c and actually found an answer!!)

* Cafe owner 
– thought about doing this once. The cafe would be called ‘Tea and Sympathy’ – lots of different types of tea.  Beautiful old furniture and lots of cakes.

* Candle maker
– did a course at the WEA – Candle making and Advanced Candle making. Lots of fun. Haven’t made one since.

* Careers Counsellor
– looked at getting into recruitment for a while. Maybe not the best person to give others advice on something I am not sure about.

* Cheese maker
– love love love cheese, but I suspect smelling of cheese, not so good. Maybe I’ll just get a goat and make some at home.

* Child Care Worker
– tempting…

* Chocolatier
– very tempting. Very dangerous

* Counsellor
– definitely thought about doing this. In the end, not sure if my clients would like hearing ‘Harden up Princess’ at the end of each session.

* Critic
– this I could do. In fact I do it all the time. No one pays me for it though.

So – I guess it is back to the computer for now.
But I am keeping an eye out for the Tardis.


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