shimmy shimmy

Two views of local Extension leaders drilling ...

Image by Cornell University Library via Flickr

Yes,  I love food.

Sweet food. Salty food. Good food. Bad food.

Not bad tasting food, just food that might be considered bad for you.

And moderation does not come naturally.

So – to ensure that I can fit into my clothes from day to day I have developed a complementary exercise obsession.

Mon Wed = cardio x2
Tues Thurs = body conditioning x2
Fri = cardio x1

Mon – Fri = walk to work and home again

Sat = when my running partner is around, go for a run
Sun = rest and eat chocolate

To try and keep some variety in my life (yes, I am a slave to routine) I mix up the cardio.

A little Turbo Jam – Chalene is a little insane (in a good way) but the workout is excellent.
A little Zumba  – what can I say? It really is a dance party. Definitely more fun with friends.
A little Aerobics Oz Style – I grew up with these ladies. June and Michelle and Wendi – can’t believe it’s not on TV anymore.

Tonight it was Belly Dance Fitness with Aerobics Oz Style. Lots of shimmy shimmy.


The problem with Aerobics Oz Style being off air now is that I have to do the same workouts over and over again.
I can recite some of them by heart.

Thankfully we are heading into spring (and my running buddy is back)  – can get back outside for some training.

Maybe another half marathon in November. That has to earn me a block of chocolate, or batch of peanut butter cups.




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