Do I have a problem?

They arrived!
The Peanut Butter experience can begin now.
peanut butter

peanut butter lollies

Also today I received a gift of Jelly Bellies straight from California.  (Thanks Lisa!)
– Trying to block out the years of childhood trauma when someone used to called me Jelly Belly.
Jelly Belly

Jelly Bellies

 Now I have the added challenge of trying to work out the flavours.
I’ve thrown some pretzel M&Ms in the mix to keep things interesting.
So so so need to go for a run!
Currently torturing myself with the packet on my desk.
Have one, feel bad, wait a few minutes have another one, feel bad, repeat.
My colleague has suggested the following:
“Eat 20, then you’ll get sick of them and not want to eat any more.
You can combine all the guilt into one lump sum and everyone feels better.”
Of course he is just saying this so he doesn’t have to hear me say
“Take these away from me” as I am stuffing my face with another treat.
The pretzel M&Ms are now gone.
Time to play guess the Jelly Belly flavour.

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