Punjabi by Nature

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Finally – an Indian restaurant close(ish) to home.

I am sure I have posted before about the lack of cuisine choice in the area.

Pleased to say that a new Indian eatery has opened up.

Punjabi by Nature in Alexandra.  Doesn’t hold a candle to Ruby Raja, but still a good feed.

Boy decided that we needed to take the motorcycle out for a spin to celebrate a sunny day and daylight savings.
We took a quick ride over to Alexandra via Skyline Rd. Scenery, as always, stunning.
Arrived in Alex and decided to try out the aforementioned Indian restaurant.

They’ve been open about a week so won’t be marked down on decor.

Tonight’s dinner consisted of:

Pappadums and dipping sauce
– as it says on the box. Pappadums crispy and cooked through, sauce tasty

– enormous samosas – touch of spice – very much enjoyed by the

Malai Kofta
– delicious, a new choice for me, vegetable dumplings in a rich tomatoey curry sauce. Very tasty.

Rogan Josh
– always a staple. Very spicy tonight, meat was well cooked and fell apart as eaten.

– rice is rice. Indian Basmati cooked as it should be, no clumping.

– a very thin authentic tandoor cooked Naan. Excellent.

– slightly away from what I am used to – included carrots, but did the job.

Masala Tea
– WOW. Now this was a fantastic way to end the evening.
As I no longer drink cow’s milk was slightly brought down by the overpowering smell of dairy, but the taste of the sweet spicy drink was magnificent.  Might have to convince them to make me a soy version next time.


The ride home was very cold….


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