Marysville (half) Marathon and reeses pieces

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Signed up yesterday for the 2011 Marysville Marathon – running the half.

This will be my 3rd half marathon ever and my second this year.

I ran the 10km distance at Marysville in 2009 – one of the toughest runs I have done.
Lots of uphill, lots of dust, hot day, didn’t do much training.

My first half marathon was in 2008 I think.
I ran the Green belt half marathon in Adelaide with my wonderful cousin Lissa.

Was pretty slow then too – poor Lissa had to slow down to stay with me.

My second half marathon was in August this year.
My new running buddy (and personal trainer)Lisa and I ran the Sandy Point half marathon.
The last 1.5 km where we ran past the finish line, up a hill and back again was a killer.

Hadn’t run for about 6 weeks – first my trip away, then Lisa was away for another couple of weeks.

Training started today – Lisa and I ran around the pondage at lunch time.

So I don’t feel bad at all in opening the first packet of reeses pieces.
Quite a few people told me how wonderful these were.
They are tasty, have a crunch more like smarties than M&Ms.
No chocolate though!  Difficult to hide the disappointment, but if I discount the missing chocolate they are quite nice.

Sort of remind me of a sweet I had once or twice when I was a kid.
They were something like an imitation smartie (maybe by a competing company) that wasn’t quite the same but ok in it’s own right.

So I will finish the packet (of course) but will definitely rate peanut butter M&Ms higher on the list for now.


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