getting old

The human shoulder joint

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Alarm went off at the normal time this morning (6.15am) but I just couldn’t get up.

Since I was going to drive to work today I decided to hit snooze and give myself a few extra minutes to wake up.

The alarm went off again and I jumped out of bed, took off the pjs and went to put on my exercise gear.

Somehow trying to put on my shirt I managed to pull a muscle in my shoulder/neck.
Head went swimmy, felt faint and nauseous. Decided to go back to bed and have a day off.

So, the question arises – who pulls a muscle getting dressed?

Old people! That’s who!

Yesterday was body conditioning in the morning, run at lunch time, new body conditioning work out in the evening.
Think there might have been a little too much shoulder and tricep work in the new workout.

Still feeling a little sore and sorry but it will be ok in a few days.

Might stick with cardio until then.

Spending the day at home is not all chocolate and peanut butter either.  Daytime TV sucks.  A lot.
Of course, there are plenty of DVDs etc to watch, but it becomes way too difficult to choose anything.

Finished the first series of Being Erica last night. Not quite ready for series 2 yet.
Watched Coupling, Cold Feet, Vicar of Dibley, The Office (UK), Black adder, Black Books too many times.

Dr Who and Torchwood are options, but looking for something a little lighter.
Generally I spend so much time trying to decide on what to watch I run out of time to watch anything.

Oh, and by the way, I watched a little Entertainment Tonight :
– What the hell? A footloose remake?  Where are all the original ideas? They even remade the song….wrong wrong wrong.

Going to rest now. Feeling old. Might have a cup of tea.


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