a double rainbow

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So, I was checking out some freshly pressed today and came across a post which talked about small things that made someone’s day.

Not an original idea for a post, but definitely a classic.

Now – strap yourselves in – we are going on a tour of my mind.  Run away now.

I was thinking about blogging something similar – about autumn leaves, clouds on mountains, morning fog on the water and rain on a roof.
As is normal my mind kept running and I started thinking about my favourite colours – red, brown, green – and the things I like that are that colour.

Then I started thinking about rainbows.

When we were kids, we sang a rainbow song which taught us:
red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue – I can sing a rainbow….

Then when we were slightly older kids we learnt ROY G. BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet)

So I decided to blog a double rainbow of things that make me happy…

Red         – My favourite colour
Yellow  –  bananas and pineapple
Pink       – the favourite colour of my niece
Green    – leaves, grass, hills, avocados
Purple   – lavender, jacarandas,
Orange  – Sarah’s favourite colour
Blue        – Nat’s favourite colour

Red       – roses, redheads
Orange – orange juice
Yellow – roses
Green   – nature
Blue      – the Kenai river
Indigo  – the TARDIS
Violet    – Cadbury

Also – Brown – chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

I don’t expect anyone to be as excited about this list as this guy:


2 thoughts on “a double rainbow

  1. I want what he’s having! That’s taking pleasure in every day moments. We saw a double rainbow a few days ago, clearly we hadn’t consumed anything – all I heard was a “wow” and a “cool” (from me), and a couple of “hmms”.

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