Peanut Butter Cups

Two Reese's peanut butter cups in orange packaging

Image via Wikipedia

Spent yesterday laying on the couch feeling sore and sorry for myself.

Decided to put some of that time towards my peanut butter research.

So – as you may have read I was a little disappointed with Reeses Pieces for their lack of chocolate.
One way to combat the deficiency is to combine them with plain M&Ms.
The result is not unlike a peanut butter M&M but with slightly more candy shell.

(Slightly) later I tried my first Peanut Butter Cup.
The combination is still fantastic.

The peanut butter filling is peanutty, salty and sweet, while the coating is definitely chocolatey.

Unfortunately it is not great chocolate.  A new challenge for me is to create my own with better quality chocolate.

Recipes abound – watch this space.


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