impatience and too much information

HTC Desire introduced in its owner palm

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I am a creature of habit and I love routine.
So you would think it would make sense for me to publish posts on a regular schedule.

One a day, 2 a week, it sounds reasonable.  Perhaps I will even get there one day.

It seems that since I started posting on this blog that my mind hasn’t stopped and I just keep coming up with more nonsense to share.

I blame my walks in the morning.
About 40 minutes from home to walk with very few distractions.
Time to be alone with my thoughts.
Unfortunately now I have somewhere to share them.

– In the past I might have had a passing thought of an amusing facebook status update.
Of course now I have a smart phone I don’t need to work on them and remember them until I find a computer, I can just update them as I am walking.

So now I seem to have at least 2 topics a day to ramble on about and no way of stopping myself from doing so.

Oh, and I am way too impatient to draft them and wait to publish.
Maybe I should work on that.


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