where the farck

Shopfront - Tea Rooms of Yarck

Image by avlxyz via Flickr

Thursday night is $12 pizza night at the Yarck tea rooms.

One of the more upmarket eateries in the area, the Yarck tea rooms proudly displays its Good Food Guide awards in the immaculately presented dining room.

A converted country home, the space is comfortable and a little quirky.

The pizzas are definitely on the gourmet side.

Our table of 10 people shared 9 pizzas between us.

* Prosciutto, rocket and cherry tomato  x2
* Margherita
* Salami
* Anchovy
* Mushroom   x2
* Tuna, olive and onion
* Pancetta, apple and gorgonzola

The pizzas were well cooked, not too heavy and the toppings well chosen.

Good people, good food, good night all round.

Plus, I was able to regale a whole new group of people with stories of my travels.


4 thoughts on “where the farck

  1. Okay, Jamayel –

    1) What is rocket?

    2) I’m groovin’ on most of those pizzas – especially the pancetta, apple & gorgonzola.

    3) I’m not an anchovy fan but I think it would take it over tuna. Tell me more about the tuna, olive & onion pizza. *shudders*. 😉

  2. I think of Rocket as a sort of a cross between spinach and lettuce – apparently the US translation is arugula. (Thank you wikipedia).

    The pancetta apple and gorgonzola was definitely my favourite – its amazing how tastes change as we age – blue cheese is growing on me.

    Have to admit I didn’t try with the anchovy or the tuna. Don’t get me wrong, I love tuna – but there were so many other options. And I don’t really like olives or onions.

  3. Thanks for the additional info! Yes, I’m very familiar with arugula. It is a green more like spinach and has a little spicy bite to it. I can see how it would go nicely with prosciutto and cherry tomatoes.

    Yes, I’m amazed at how much my tastes have changed (or, rather, developed) over the years. I became a fan of blue cheese about 10 years ago. I love the combination of beef and blue cheese.

    Mmmm . . . maybe Yarck could make a pizza with thinly sliced beef, blue cheese and arugula!!

    • Hmm, now that one sounds nice, maybe I’ll give it a go myself.

      Had an amazing pizza once that was prosciutto, goat’s cheese, rocket and fig vinocotto. Loved it.

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