Pratchett Himself

Image by Myrmi via Flickr

Very exciting email received on Saturday.

The new Pratchett novel “Snuff” has been released by the publisher and should be dispatched in the next few days.

Now I spend the next week beating myself up for going for the cheaper option from the UK rather than a local option.

Admittedly I would have to wait for a local copy until I could get to Melbourne, but anyway…

When Making Money was released I was working in Adelaide.
The day it was released I walked the mall to every book shop until I found one that had received their shipment.

They opened the box for me.  First person in Adelaide to buy a copy.

Now I have to wait another week.

Of course, I could buy the book on Amazon, but can’t quite bring myself to do that yet.
There is something about holding the new release in your hands.

Just have to keep reading Doctor Who until Vimes arrives.


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