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Finally have plans started for the next trip…

It’s just going back to Adelaide for Christmas, but it still counts.

First stage: accommodation
Option 1 – family
Tried this a couple of years ago. Ok for a short time, but gets old quick.

Option 2 – friends
This can work too, but helps if friends have a separate living area or the guests can become a pain quickly.

Option 3 – other accommodation
We tried this last year. We leased a serviced apartment in the city.
It was fantastic to have a base so we could just visit friends and family and leave when needed.
It helped that the apartment was new, gorgeous and had an amazing view of the west end of the city over to the parklands, the beach and the hills.  Unfortunately the price has doubled since last year so they were off the menu. We also thought trying somewhere new might be nice.

I spent about 3 days researching other apartments, hotels, and, at one point, caravan parks using wotif, lastminute, stayz, and various other options that google let me know about.

Initially we thought we might try North Adelaide, but the hotel/apartment choices were a little limited and none were quite right.

We widened our boundaries to include the CBD increasing our choices and making the decision that much more difficult.

(Apologies if this post is a little long-winded and confused – that is very much how the search felt!)

In the end we went with Miller Apartments. Initially discounted for being on Hindley St, the price, apartment and proximity to the city looks outstanding.  Gloria Jeans, Subway and the Police Station on the ground floor may make for interesting neighbours.

So, we will be in Adelaide for Christmas and New Years, heading back to Vic a couple of days later.

Second Stage: Activities

What I plan to do while I am in town:

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Catching up with the families
Catching up with the Bakers Guild
Catching up with as many friends as I can

Shopping with Mel

Yum Cha at Ding Hao with Mike and Mel
Vegetarian at Thea Vegetarian

Lots of food in Chinatown/Gouger St/Rundle St

Stocking up on Haighs/Charlesworth

Maybe even find some time for a little home town sightseeing….


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