there is nothing real about reality TV

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Ok, so I have missed the peak of reality TV and you have all possibly heard this before, but

There is Nothing Real about Reality TV!

Even if you haven’t read Chart Throb by Ben Elton (which I completely recommend you do) you have to admit reality TV is so manufactured, so overproduced, so FAKE that it really needs a new description.

How about: we can make a really cheap show by using non-actors who we don’t have to pay very much and who will do pretty much whatever we tell them. People love a car crash.

Maybe that isn’t such a catchy title.

The really frustrating bit is that I keep watching them.  Especially the cheap and nasty Australian ones.

Beauty and the Geek for example.

Some of the people actually seem nice and sincere (makes me wonder why they are on the show).
Of course, anytime you see some real emotion or interaction the show cuts to an ad and repeated 4 times when the show comes back.
The over production does my head in.

As for Four Weddings – the voyeur in me loves seeing behind the scenes in so many weddings.
Unfortunately the brides in this week’s show came across as just so nasty.
Of course I completely understand that the shows are overproduced and they choose how they want you to feel about the people on the show, but I really don’t think they had to try very hard in this episode.

I loved Australian Project Runway (when I had cable) – it almost felt like they deserved to be there, at least they had some talent.

Embarassing bodies – extra nipples. ‘Nuff said.

Don’t even get me started on ‘Current Affairs’.  Frontline must have been pretty close to the money.  LCD. (I love that there is a link for that!)

Reality is not on TV.  Maybe I’ll find it online.


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