why aren’t I reading Pratchett right now?

A shelf full of Terry Pratchett's work, mostly...

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Mainly because I have to work, and spend time with real people.

Oh, and really want to finish the book I am currently reading first – The Pirate Loop (a Doctor Who novel).
Featuring the 10th Doctor (as played by David Tennant) and Martha Jones.
Also a group of Badger headed space pirates. You don’t read about too many of them.

Tried to finish that one last night and feel asleep instead. Very poor form.
Just getting to the exciting part as well. Only 30 pages to go.

Must finish tonight and start on Snuff.

Why am I so excited about this book?

There are 2 comedic authors that I absolutely adore.
There is something about their humour that resonates with me.
Tragically one of them died way too young – Douglas Adams

The other author is Terry Pratchett.
I first discovered the Discworld Novels in 1997.
Feet of Clay had just been released in paperback and a friend of mine was so excited.

As much as I wanted to start with the new release I knew that I had to start at the beginning.
That day I bought The Colour of Magic and the Light Fantastic.

Admittedly, they started a little slowly, but as soon as Death appeared I was completely hooked.
I spent the next few months scouring book shops to purchase the rest of the back catalogue and devouring each volume as soon as I found it.

Over the years I have fallen in love with Sam Vimes for his wisdom, admired Granny Weatherwax for her strength, loved Nanny Ogg for her compassion and humour, wanted to be Susan Sto-Helit for her sensibility and practicality, adored Death and the Death of Rats, pitied Ponder Stibbons and Agnes for being the only sane people in the asylum and been constantly amused by the various ‘guest stars’ who appear briefly and make such an impression.

Sam Vimes is the featured character in Snuff. Watching his character develop from a washed up alcoholic in Guards Guards to the Duke of Ankh, Commander of the City Watch. 
The interaction between Vetinari and Vimes is pure poetry.
The following excerpt from Feet of Clay (Drumknott to Vetinari) sums it up perfectly:

‘May I make an observation, my lord?’
‘Of course you may,’ said Vetinari, watching Vimes walk through the palace gates.
‘The thought occurs, sir, that if Commander Vimes did not exist you would have had to invent him.’
‘You know, Drumknott, I rather think I did.’


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