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My partner rides a motorcycle.

Motorcycle riders are a special breed (at least the ones I have met).

Mine belongs to a motorcycle club – a purely legal, social motorcycle club.
While the members might look a little rough around the edges, they are a surprisingly caring bunch.

One of the membersof the club has been struggling with a brain tumour for some time and last night his friends organised a rock and roll fight night benefit in his honour.

We left home around 6.15 and arrived in St Kilda around 8.45.

Checked into our ensuite room in Habitat HQ (really nice backpackers accomodation in St Kilda) and wandered down to The Espy.

We said hello, grabbed a steak sandwich and headed upstairs.

The MC – Brian Nankervis from Rockwiz did a fantastic job of hosting what was quite a varied list of performers.

Peter (the guest of honour) has worked in the Australian music industry for many years.
He has drummed with countless Australian bands, many of whom wanted to show their support last night.
His best friend – who organised the night – is the drummer in the Rockwiz band.

The first act was Lily Suspenders and her burlesque balloon show.
(I was a little worried about this one, but it was very cute and tasteful).

This was followed by the houseband and the Wolfgramm sisters.
The house band for the night included Mark Ferrie, Peter Luscombe, and James Black, all from the Rockwiz band.
(There were a few others during the night, but I have to apologise for not recording all their names. Slack!

Nick Barker joined the band on the stage to belt out one of his classic covers – Come Up and See Me (make me smile).
Originally recorded by Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebel.

Following this blast from the past the ‘fight’ section of the evening started.

The Gershwin Room (our setting) is a beautiful venue with an long thin layout.
The set up for the evening was the band stage, completely obstructed by a boxing ring.

We were about to see why.

The first fight was between the Norse man (from Norway) and the Wooloomai Penguin (from Philip Island).
Not being a fan of boxing – or kickboxing as this was – it was a bit of a shock for me, but luckily it was all at a slow speed and more for entertainment than a real competitive bout. The referree “Clanger” was entertaining too.

Must also mention Jon Von Goes who performed the MC duties for the fight portions of the evening. Very entertaining.

The next number was Jane Clifton heading up the band with Wilbur Wilde on sax. Great music.

More kick boxing followed.

Angie Hart (frente) was the next artist – almost unrecognisable from her Frente days her voice was unmistakable.

Angie was followed by Stephen Cummings.  While he is not someone I have avidly followed in the past, he definitely has talent.

The next fight actually became very entertaining. It started out as all the others, a couple of guys being quite serious but not really letting loose.
After a while they ‘pretended’ to let loose, eventually the ref, the roadie and even the MC joined in. It was like WWF and pretty entertaining.

If only the feral standin next to me wasn’t quite so vocal.

The next musical act was performed by Vika and Linda Bull. They were amazing.

The last fight followed, although was a little disappointing after the WWF performance.

Vika and Linda returned to the stage joined by Paul Kelly. Only one song but definitely worth the wait. Just awesome.

The final number was performed by Rebecca Barnard and Lisa Miller.

A good night all round which was enjoyed by everyone, most importantly by the guest of honour.
He made a speech and was wonderfully positive.  Great night.


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