video killed the radio star

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Reading Facebook this morning I came across a post by my cousin’s daughter.  The post was the 30 songs challenge and my version is included at the end of this post.

I discovered music in 1983.
It was the year of Little Red Corvette (Prince),  Hungry Like the Wolf (Duran Duran), Come On Eileen (Dexy’s Midnight Runners), The Other Guy (Little River Band), Gloria (Laura Branigan), Breaking Us in Two (Joe Jackson), True (Spandau Ballet).

– Actually, checking out the list of the top 100 1983 songs reminded me that 80s music is pretty damn impressive.

Reading my cousin’s list made me realise (ok, I have known for a long time) that I, like many people have my music favourites stuck in a time warp.
The 80s were the musical peak of my lifetime. The 90s had some awesome tunes too – many of which I partied to, but they don’t create the same feeling of nostalgia and comfort that 80s do for me.

Neon music sign

I think that many people have a genre that calls to them. Whether it is a style of music that reaches their soul or a memory from a special time in their lives, there is always something that makes us laugh, makes us cry, or makes us remember.

To me that music comes from the 80s.

So thank you Tony Hadley, George Michael, pretty much every British pop band from the 80s, many Australian bands and even a few American ones. Also at least one each from Sweden (Abba), Germany (Nena) and Norway (a-ha).

The 80s for me evoke memories of:
* Roller skating to the latest filmclips projected onto a screen at Skateline Modbury

* Great big chunky Walkman playing mix tapes recorded off the radio
* Learning all the words to every Chisel song waiting for the gates to open at Thebby oval
* Eating coco pops and watching Saturday morning cartoons and filmclips
* Waiting up for the No 1 song on Countdown
* Watching disturbing versions of the latest music on Young Talent Time
* Slow dancing to power ballads at high school socials
* First kisses to bad American love songs

Enjoy the challenge – hope it makes you think of some special songs in your life….

30 songs challenge

Now, I always have issues with ‘favourite’ song lists – there are just so many good songs out there and ‘favourite’ depends so much on what I have heard recently or what sort of mood I am in.
For the purpose of this challenge let’s define ‘favourite’ as best song I can think of right now.

  1. Favourite Song:
  2. Least Favourite Song: Brimful of Asha – Cornershop or Push the Little Daisies – Ween
  3. Song that makes you happy: You Sound Like Louis Burdett – The Whitlams,
  4. Song that makes you sad: Here With Me – Dido, Letter to Alan – Cold Chisel,
  5. Song that reminds you of someone: November Rain – Guns n Roses, This Kiss – Faith Hill, I Remember You – Skid Row, Better Be Home Soon – Crowded House
  6. Song that reminds you of somewhere: Don’t Stop Believing – Journey, At The River – Groove Armada
  7. Song that reminds you of a certain event: Driving Wheels – Jimmy Barnes
  8. Song that you know all the words to: too many to list – proud of: Baby Got Back and Tequila
  9. Song that you can dance to: Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes
  10. Song that makes you fall asleep: At The River – Groove Armada
  11. Song from your favourite band: Burn Your Name – Powderfinger, Flame Trees – Cold Chisel, Round and Round – Spandau Ballet
  12. Song from a band you hate: anything from an Idol/X Factor contestant
  13. Song that is a guilty pleasure: anything by Taylor Swift
  14. Song that nobody would expect you to love: I’mYour Man – Leonard Cohen
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  15. Song that describes you: Stay – Lisa Loeb
  16. Song that you used to love but now hate: Most Bon Jovi songs
  17. Song that you often hear on the radio: I don’t listen to the radio anymore, just MP3s
  18. Song that you wish you often heard on the radio: see above
  19. Song from your favourite album: You Sound Like Louis Burdett – The Whitlams
  20. Song that you listen to when you’re angry: Bust your Windows, Irreplaceable
  21. Song that you listen to when you’re happy: Pretty much anything from a Glee soundtrack
  22. Song that you listen to when you’re sad: Everybody Hurts – REM, One Long Day – Cold Chisel, Hallelujah – any version, Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division, Wish You Well – Bernard Fanning
  23. Song that you want to play at your wedding: Something – The Beatles, My Baby – Cold Chisel, God Only Knows – The Beach Boys, Because I love you – Masters Apprentices, All You Need is Love – The Beatles,
  24. Song that you want to play at your funeral: Full of Grace – Sarah Mclachlan
  25. Song that makes you laugh: Master of the House – from Les Miserables
  26. Song that you can play on an instrument: Do-re-mi from the Sound of Music
  27. Song that you wish you could play: all of them…
  28. Song that makes you feel guilty: can’t think of any
  29. Song from your childhood: Yellow Rose of Texas – Elvis Presley
  30. Your favourite song of last year:  Forget You – Ce-Lo Green
Music (232/365)

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2 thoughts on “video killed the radio star

  1. Cool post! I think I’ll have to take that challenge as well. November Rain and Blister in the Sun would be on my list too. My Crowded House song would be Something So Strong. 🙂

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