last hurrah at butters

Sad to have such a good night for our last meal at Butters.

Butters cafe in Buxton is one of the few wonderful places to eat in our area.
Run by a wonderful couple of ladies who built the hay bale house on their property with a smallish dining room for the cafe.
The cafe is open 4 nights a week offering wonderful home-cooked meals with many ingredients straight from their garden, or from the local area.
Each night they offer one special and a selection of prepared options from the fridge.
I usually end up with a fridge option as they look so enticing.

3 couples went along for a wonderful dinner (and delicious dessert), even if it was 2.5 couples for most of the night.

The night’s special was Duck leg stuffed with prosciutto and olives served with baked potatoes and asparagus.  4 people of our group of 6 went for the duck.
4 people were happy with it.

Paratha Roti

Image via Wikipedia

I went with my favourite go-to meal the Roti stuffed with madras vegetables and a side salad.  Always tasty, a combination of two of my favourite items, roti and curried vegetables.  It did not disappoint. Tasty, crispy, chewy roti with well flavoured vegetables.

The other meal ordered for the table was the chicken balls (he he, balls) – one of the most complemented meals of the evening.

The evening was full of good food and even better company.

Then came dessert.

I went for the Golden Syrup Custard Pudding.
Heavenly. Light and fluffy baked pudding with just enough crusty edges for that perfect mix of textures.

The other desserts for the table were plum and chocolate tart – well rated, and the blueberry crumble.  Also very well received.

A brilliant night, one of the wonderful owners is going to email me the recipe for the roti dish and we all had a great time.

At this point I would love to suggest you go try all the dishes for yourself, but unfortunately they are closing up on Monday night.

So, here is thank you to Barbara and Gaby for all the wonderful meals and inviting us into your home all those times.  Enjoy the next adventure and hope all goes well.


2 thoughts on “last hurrah at butters

  1. Boo to a good restaurant closing. With a name like Butters, it HAS to be good! It sounds absolutely divine!

    Love new background. Mmmmm . . . chocolate. Speaking of chocolate, you are wise to ration. We now have Halloween candy in our house. I am planning to be especially generous to trick-or-treaters. As you pointed out, it is important to maintain ones health, waistline and sanity! 🙂

    • It was a great place – good food and lovely people.

      Thanks, I like a bit of variety!

      Trying hard to ration, but then I just end up buying more – like yesterday. Oh well!
      More running required.

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