girls day (and night)

Yesterday was our big girls day out.

Early morning start – picked up by the wonderful Mrs N we headed across town to pick up the gorgeous Mrs L. (Mrs N was designated driver due to the size of her car’s storage space).

We drove to Melbourne via a bit of a detour (thanks to Mrs N’s Mr Jurt) but managed to arrive at Costco with plenty of time to spend well in excess of $1k between us.
Of course we had to fix up a couple of memberships and stop for pizza before hitting the shop floor.

Muesli, snacks, household bits and pieces and a few Christmas presents purchased, we headed back to the car. Costco boot Tetris is a challenging and entertaining game that I thoroughly recommend. Mrs L is the current undefeated champion.

After an intensive Costco adventure we decided to head into town for a Haighs refill.
Deciding to leave the car where it was we jumped on the City Circle tram and headed for the centre of Melbourne.

City Circle Tram, Route 35, at the corner of F...

Image via Wikipedia

Of course, the first tram that came along was headed clockwise (aka the long way).
This was fine as we were happy for the rest and figured it really would only add 5 minutes or so to our trip.

Or so we thought.

As we headed past Parliament house we noticed a large contingent of police including riot squad and special ops. We thought there were a lot of police in relation to the dozen or so protestors currently in residence in the Treasury Gardens.

We soon learned better.  The tram was stopped at the corner of Spring and Flinders.
We looked around to determine the delay and saw a large number of police and photographers turning the corner from Flinders St.  We eventually realised that the protest was about to arrive.

Most of the time I am happy for people to have their say and (as much as I might grumble a little) a slight inconvenience is tolerable for this level of freedom.
However, this lot were keeping me from chocolate. Haighs chocolate no less!

In the end we were only delayed a few extra minutes and the crowd was fairly entertaining.

So, we jumped off the tram at Elizabeth St and headed up to the Block Arcade.

The Block Arcade - Interior

Image via Wikipedia

We found a few favourites for Mrs L and myself while introducing the Mrs N the Haighs virgin to the wonders of the South Australian delicacy.

No one was disappointed.

Next stop was back to the car then straight across to DFO South Wharf for some dress shopping.

Our company Christmas Party is at the beginning of December and this year’s theme is ‘A Day at the Races’.  Part of the shopping mission for the day was new outfits for all.

Dresses, shoes, hats or fascinators.

Unfortunately this mission was not a success. A few possibilities were found but they were all either too expensive, too skanky or looked much much worse on the body than on the hanger.

Happily I did manage to find one nice dress which also provided a parking discount voucher.

When the DFO shut at 6 we reluctantly (still wanting to shop!) headed to Crown for dinner. Miss K met us at DFO just before we left and we headed off together.

After arriving at Crown I discovered that Automatic was no longer there!
So we decided to head to Southbank and Blue Train (the original).

Dinner was lovely and we all went the slightly more healthy option of an entrée and salad.

I failed to mention that yesterday was also Derby Day in Melbourne.
The people watching at Southbank and Crown was excellent.

The hats and fascinators were wonderful but the highlight was the man in drag 2 tables over.  No fascinator but the most magnificent beehive hairdo I have ever seen.
Apparently black and white are the colours of the season, making the occasional colourful outfit we saw even more exciting.
All too soon dinner was over and it was time to head home.
As we headed outside we realised that Melbourne weather had hit us again.
Leaving home in the morning it was grey and a little wet.
As we got closer to Melbourne the weather improved and it stayed fairly sunny with blue skies for most of the day.
Until we left dinner. Dark, raining with a cold, driving wind. Awesome.

We managed to walk from Southbank back to the DFO carpark, dropping Miss K at the tram stop along the way.  We arrived at the car cold, wet and tired.

Only 3 hours to home!

The heater was cranked and so were the tunes.

‘Moves like Jagger’ was the song of the day and there was much car dancing by all.

Next stop – 24 Kmart and Coles.
A quick grocery shop and we were back on the road.  Still not sure how we fit so much shopping in the Camry Tardis.

The ladies dropped me home around 12.05am.

Now that is what I call a girls’ day out! Thanks ladies.

Now I have to get back to bad Sunday television and Haighs Speckles.


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