girly games for a gaming girl

 Having recently been invited to a Waffles and Wii Tetris party I started thinking about the games I have spent time with other the years…sort of chronological.

TV Console
We had one of the very very early Pong type games.  I can’t quite remember playing it, but I know ours came with a handheld gun type controller.

I was in Primary School when the handheld Donkey Kong game first emerged in Australia.  My brother had one and whenever he wasn’t playing it I would get on.  I think the idea of using his toys was as enjoyable as the game itself.

One of my neighbours had Octopus’ Garden and a few kids at school had variations on the theme.

My brother had the first Nintendo Entertainment System.  Think we played some car racing games and not too much else.

Super-Nintendo (SNES)

The PAL version of SNES

Image via Wikipedia

The SNES was when I first discovered how to be so immersed in a game that time became irrelevant.  We hired Donkey Kong Country from the Video store (they were videos then) so much that we could have purchased the game 5 times over.  In the end we did buy it.
Eventually found every secret level (remember, this was pre Google) and hit 101%.

Donkey Kong Country 2 was not as good and I never managed to get a working copy of 3.

Donkey Kong Country

Image via Wikipedia

Apart from DKC there were hours and hours and hours of Tetris and Dr Mario.  Sometimes I used to dream about Tetris pieces falling in my sleep.
A little SIM City now and then to round it out.
Nintendo 64
Years later I bought myself a Nintendo 64 from one of the games shops for about $30 – played it a few times and put it back in the cupboard.

A group of amazing workmates bought me a Playstation, memory card and games for my birthday one year.  Thanks to Heathery for organising that one.  The company wasn’t too happy when half the team didn’t turn up for work on Monday because they were hungover from my Sunday afternoon party.

Playstation 2
I never had one, but my partner did, so we have one now.  The only thing I have played on PS2 is Singstar.  So good, but so so bad.

Playstation 3
 I decided to buy a PS3 a year or so ago purely for the Blu-ray player and USB slots.
Then I discovered Lego games.

Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4

Image via Wikipedia

First was Lego Star Wars – the complete Saga.
Then Lego Indiana Jones, then Lego Indiana Jones 2.
At this point I decided I should get Lego Batman as well.
Before I finished 2 levels on Lego Batman, Lego Harry Potter Yrs 1-4 was released.

 Then Lego Star Wars – Clone Wars.
Lego Pirates of the Caribbean followed closely.
Currently waiting on Lego Harry Potter Yrs 5-7.

Yes, all the games I own are Lego based.  They are so good.
They follow the stories of the movies (somewhat), add their one little bits of humour, and the best part is when the characters fall apart into Lego pieces when they are defeated.

Don’t own a Wii but I know plenty of people who do.
Like Wii Sports and Sports Resort – good group games.


The Sims cover.

Image via Wikipedia

My PC gaming pretty much consists of SIM games.
The SIMs – then, slowly, every expansion pack released.
The SIMs 2 – again with the expansions, and Stuff packs now!
Had flirtations with a couple of other games along the way, including, very early on, multiple versions of Solitaire and Minesweeper (usually in lab at Uni).

Might have to check out The SIMs Medieval one day, and SIMs 3 of course.

Nintendo DS
The purchase of my Nintendo DS was one of my standard internal fights for some kind of justification.  In the end I used the ‘lots of travelling’ option. Pretty much the same reasoning I used for my Kindle purchase. Slightly less guilt with the Kindle. Or maybe different guilt.  the DS guilt was ‘do I really need to play games this much’. Kindle guilt was ‘aren’t real books so much better?’

Nintendo 3DS

Now I have to keep telling myself I don’t need a DSi, or DS XL, or (heaven forbid) a 3DS.

Maybe I’ll go for a Tablet instead….


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