travels with my itchy feet

Golden Grove and Greenwith aerial view, Adelaide

Something one of you said today started me thinking about my travels.

While (apart from recently) I have not seen much of the world, I have definitely moved around a lot within Australia.

As a kid I grew up in the same house in the North East of Adelaide until I left home (at 22). During that time we had a lot of family camping holidays. All over South Australia, Victoria, Western NSW and even one trip to Queensland.  Pretty much any little town with a mine or a quarry.

My first move out of home had me heading across the border to Victoria.
I moved to Mordialloc where I lasted about a month.

My boss at the time helped me move in with a neighbour of hers in East St Kilda (Balaclava).

A month later a friend from Adelaide moved over and we moved to a new apartment around the corner (still in East St Kilda).

About 9 months later she decided to move in with her bf and I moved out to Reservoir.
Still not sure why!

Maybe 9 months after that I started spending about 99% of my time with my bf in Port Melbourne. My new house mate in Reservoir looked after the place.

6 months later I was back in Reservoir full time. But not for long.

Back to Port Melbourne for about 18 months.

Emergency housing saw the wonderful Sarah move me into her spare room in South Yarra on a temporary basis.

2 months later I was back in Adelaide, with the parents.

Tea Tree Gully, South Australia

Image via Wikipedia

Predictably that arrangement did not last too long.

Within 2 months I had purchased my first (and thus far only) house in Tea Tree Gully.

Wonderful neighbours and a nice location.

Auckland (New Zealand) CBD view from the Sky T...

Image via Wikipedia

I was there for about a year when I started work on a project in Auckland.
Lasted in Auckland for almost 6 months where I met some wonderful people and discovered Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks Frappucinos and New Zealand wool.

Back to Tea Tree Gully for a few years. Met someone, moved to the Southern suburbs (Bellevue Heights) for a year, then back to Tea Tree Gully.

Eildon Dam spillway.

Image by smjb via Flickr

Stayed a couple of years then headed to Eildon where I have been for just over 2 years.


Oh, and since then there have been countless trips to and from Melbourne and Adelaide.


I am tired now. Maybe time for some new shoes…


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