oh the pressure…

This is post #99.

In itself that is pretty cool. But the pressure arises from the next post.

#100 seems to require something more, something important possibly.

Should I make some earth shattering revelation that changes the world for me and mine?

Should I make a definitive list of my favourite things of all time?

Should I go for the lame US option of putting together a clip show?

Perhaps I will worry about it later, inspiration may come…

Now, instead of worrying about the future I will focus on my 99th post and recap the festivities of the last few days.

Friday night – finished work, came home, made chocolate peanut butter fudge – good.
Went to a friend/colleague’s house in Alex and watched presentations (slide shows) on climbing in Bulgaria (very entertaining) and climbing Mt Everest (inspiring).
Good night but very tired after a tough week.

Saturday took Kira for a run and then headed to Melbourne for (more) shopping.
Arrived at Highpoint around lunchtime. Bought the best dress ever, spent the rest of the afternoon looking for dresses for the other ladies (mission accomplished Mrs L  – and a bargain) and then accessories – 1 pair of awesome shoes for Mrs L.
When the shops closed we headed outside and stumbled across Max Brenner.

Max Brenner – a cafe dedicated to all things good and chocolatey.
We looked around, introduced Mrs N to the concept, tried a few samples then ordered out afternoon tea/snack/dinner.

Feeling completely stuffed we headed back into the store to purchase some take aways –
I came home with a first aid kit (chocolate is good for chocoholics), a tin of peanut butter squares and a tube of chocolate wafer truffles for the boy.

We dropped Mrs L off and headed home to the real world, arriving around 9pm.

I picked up my book – Eragon – and pretty much haven’t stopped reading since.  Apart from sleeping, eating and typing this.  Must get back to that now.
Have to finish Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr again before I can start on Inheritance.

Then I’ll worry about #100, or not.


2 thoughts on “oh the pressure…

  1. I’m looking forward to the 100th, but if you are reading the complete Eragon saga from the start BEFORE we see it, it could be a long wait. I am leaping straight into Inheritance – it has a pretty good overview of the other three books at the start (and it is 800+ pages). Keep blogging

    Ross W

    • Just finished Eragon. (I’ve read the first 3 before, just wanted to recap…)
      I think the #100 will more likely be during the reading than after. Just have to come up with a subject!

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